‘Wild blue X’ is a sister web site of wiblux.com, Japanese version of ‘Wild Blue X’ which introduces only fishing-related contents.

On the other hand, this web site introduces fishing-related content such as my fishing record, fishing knowledges based on my experience and up-to-date fishing information in Japan.

In addition, Japanese culture, life style, tradition and ‘Monozukuri’ spirits is also introduced to convey goodness of Japan through articles.

Japan has a specific long history in the far east island of Asia. In the long history Japanese has been developing unique culture and tradition for their better life. Actually, Japan has a wide variety of culture and tradition in each region of Japan even within a small island. Also its culture and tradition are utilized in ‘Monozukuri’ as it is symbolized by the word of ‘Made in Japan’ which expressed its high quality of Japan products about 30 years ago. In ‘Lost decade’, it appeared to lose its advantage. But I believe Japanese does not lose its spirits of ‘Kodakari’ for ‘Monozukuri’ which enables to produce high quality with passion for better products.

So I hope I could convey Japanese spirits for ‘Monozukuri’ together with Japanese unique culture and tradition through this site.

Besides I really hope this site helps understand Japan better for visitors.